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Ford Transit Camper For Sale
Ford Transit Camper For Sale
VW Camper For Sale

Quote Your Campervan

Now you know all the options available we can provide you with a quotation for your dream campervan.
Whether you choose to drop us a phone call, or send us an email, we will require as much of the following information as possible.

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We have a selection of campervan models available – all of which have their own specification, for more information visit the model pages below.

Short Wheelbase (SWB) OR Long Wheelbase (LWB)?

Short Wheelbase SWB VW Campervan
Long Wheelbase LWB VW Campervan

Barn Rear Doors OR Tailgate Rear Doors?


Engine/Gearbox Options

2.0TDI 84BHP 2.0TDI 102BHP 2.0TDI 114BHP 2.0TDI 140BHP 2.0TDI 180BHP
5-Speed Gearbox
6-Speed Gearbox
DSG (Auto) Gearbox
 Power (BHP) 84 102 114 140 180

Our T6 VW Paint Colour Options

Our T5 VW Paint Colour Options:

Visit our campervan models page for more information on roofs and roof-bed options.

Front Elevating Roof OR Rear Elevating Roof?


We have single and double passenger seating options with the option of having the driver and passenger seats fixed or with a swivel, you can also have armrests included.

View our campervan models to find out which RIB seat-bed is included as standard.

120cm Double Bed OR 130cm Triple Bed OR 60cm Twin Single Beds?

RIB VW Campervan Rock n Roll Beds
RIB VW Campervan Rock n Roll Beds
RIB VW Campervan Rock n Roll Beds
RIB VW Campervan Rock n Roll Beds
RIB VW Campervan Rock n Roll Beds

We have a selection of upholstery options available from cloth to standard tasamo, we also have leather/custom stitching options so get in touch for more information.

See below our furniture options available for your campervan, we offer a range of colours to suit your specific taste.

We know how important it is to be able to store, cook and prepare food whilst on the go, that’s why we include essential kitchen appliances in our conversions.

SMEV 9222 Sink/Hob, SMEV Oven/Grill, Webasto CR49EL Fridge?

SMEV Combination Sink/Hob
SMEV 20 Litre Oven/Grill
Webasto CR50 Fridge

Below includes images of the gas heater, diesel heater, heater phone application, diesel heating & hot water system, LED mood lighting and 85W solar panel we can supply in your camper.

We can provide your camper with a range of audio & visual equipment including: standard VW stereo, bluetooth connectivity, integrated satnav, TV/DVD player, colour changing LED lighting and much more!

Additional/Vehicle Options

We have a wide variety of additional options that can be included in your dream camper, ranging from toilets to alloy wheels to awnings and so much more!

We Look Forward To Hearing From you!

To obtain a quote…

Buy A Campervan From Autohaus

We have a range of Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit and VW Campervans for sale from complete conversions to vans awaiting conversion.

VW Camper For Sale Autohaus Minehead
Fiat Ducato Motorhome For Sale Autohaus Minehead
Fiat Ducato
Ford Transit Camper For Sale Autohaus Minehead
Ford Transit