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External Styling

The external styling of your campervan is another way of adding your own personality to your campervan.

We have a range of options including alloy wheels, side bars, headlights, splitters and decal graphics.

Chrome Sidebars

Not only do Chrome Sidebars make your camper look pretty cool but they also provide additional protection of your sills from high curbs, bollards or speedbump.

Alloy Wheels

We have a wide range of very stylish alloy wheels in stock which are available in both chrome and black finishes. If you aren’t sure at this stage which alloys you would like we are happy to demonstrate different styles on your camper and fit them when you collect your van.

Decal Graphics

And for those who wish to add an artistic flourish to their new campervan we are also able to provide decal graphics. We have an artist who creates our designs for us and we only use that design once to ensure each campervan is unique. Some of our customers have created their own designs which are inspired by their lifestyle or their family. In order to make your van completely unique we only use a design once, therefore you must bring along some sketches of what you’d like.

Headlights, Fog Lights & Splitters

As well as choosing colour-coded bumpers the selection of headlights, fog lights and front air splitters (the bottom bit of the bumper) can all alter the way the front of your campervan looks.