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Elevating Roof

Autohaus fit the industry standard Reimo Front and Rear Campervan Elevating Roof. Alternatively you can simply stick with the original Tin-top Roof.

The benefit of a VW T5 Elevating Roof (or pop-top roof) is increased head height in the living area which can be particularly useful when using the kitchen as it avoids the need for stooping. An additional benefit is the ability to fit a secondary bed in the roof area which increase the living capacity to 4 persons.

Want a Elevating Roof fitted to your existing Campervan? Click here for more information.

Front or Rear Elevating Roof

Front or Rear Elevating Roofs are available depending upon the location of the kitchen with your Campervan.


Front Elevating Reimo Roof


Rear Elevating Reimo Roof

Second Roof Bed

The second Roof Bed is suitable for adults and children alike. The only requirement is a level of agility to climb up onto the Bed (although a step ladder can also be used if necessary).