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Base Vehicle

Autohaus use the extremely popular VW T5 Transporter Panel Van as our Campervan Base Vehicle.

There are VW T5 LWB and VW T5 SWB options available.

Short Wheelbase (SWB) or Long Wheelbase (LWB)

The Long Wheelbase (LWB) model provides an additional 400mm (16 inches) of space within the main living quarters of the Campervan compared to the Short Wheelbase (SWB) model.

Short Wheelbase SWB VW Campervan

Short Wheelbase (SWB)

Long Wheelbase LWB VW Campervan

Long Wheelbase (LWB)

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
VW T5 SWB 3000 1692 1410
VW T5 LWB 3400 1962 1410


VW T5 Transporter Panel Vans are available with a range of vehicle weights/payloads.

T26 T27 T28 T30 T32
SWB simple-blue-tick-hi simple-blue-tick-hi  simple-blue-tick-hi  simple-blue-tick-hi  simple-blue-tick-hi
LWB  simple-blue-tick-hi  simple-blue-tick-hi  simple-blue-tick-hi
Vehicle Weight (kg)  2,600  2,700 2,800  3,000  3,200


VW T5 Transporter Panel Vans are available with 5 different diesel engines with a choice of 5 speed, 6 speed and automatic gearboxes.

2.0TDI 84PS 2.0TDI 102PS 2.0TDI 114PS 2.0TDI 140PS 2.0TDI 180PS
5-Speed Gearbox  VW T5 Tailgate  VW T5 Tailgate VW T5 Tailgate
6-Speed Gearbox VW T5 Tailgate  VW T5 Tailgate
DSG (Auto) Gearbox VW T5 Tailgate  VW T5 Tailgate
 Power (BHP) 84 102  114 140 180