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We Look Forward To Producing More Luxury Campers!

We Look Forward To Producing More Luxury Campervans!

We’ve reported several times over the past years how business has been growing… and now we’ve had to invest in more equipment to keep up with demand!

One of the key stages of building a campervan is producing the furniture. There are multiple layouts and lots of components, all that need to be cut accurately and assembled with skill.

With the introduction of the very popular Ashton ’94, the second generation Kingston, and the new Camelot Grandi (based upon the new VW Crafter Van), it was time to upgrade our equipment to cope with demand.

We now have two Edge-Banders (for putting the plastic trim on the edge of the furniture) and recently took delivery of a brand new CNC machine. This machine cuts out the individual furniture panels, ensuring our campervans are built to a high degree of accuracy.

Campervan Factory Old CNC Machine
History of the VW Campervan

VW T5 & T6 Campervans For Sale

See below a range of T5 & T6 VW Campervans for sale. We have a range of Campervan Models to choose from, simply visit our VW Campervan Gallery for inspiration.