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VW Campervan With A Shower!

A VW Campervan With A Shower? Really!

If there was a prize awarded for the most utilised campervan, then Norman & Pauline would undoubtedly win. Having collected their brand new ‘Autohaus Grandi’ just 5 weeks ago they’ve already been away on 4 weekend trips to Devon, Cornwall, Sussex, the Cotswolds and the Gower Peninsula, clocking up an impressive 1500 miles. And the only reason they didn’t go away on the fifth weekend was because they popped in to Autohaus to have some sidebars fitted!

As you can probably tell, Norman & Pauline are keen travellers. Historically they owned coach-built motorhomes but decided two years ago that they would downsize to a VW Campervan, allowing them to explored the UK countryside and reach some of the more remote locations where a motorhome would struggle.


Having been used to the facilities within a motorhome they wanted to ensure their new campervan still provided them with the comfort they needed. Top of the list was a wet room with shower, toilet and sink, allowing them to travel without being tied to established campsites.

We formed a picture in our minds of exactly what we would like the interior layout to be, but that van just was not out there!

With a clear idea of what they wanted Norman and Pauline visited Autohaus to see if their dream campervan could be turned into a reality. Never ones to turn down a challenge the team then developed the campervan based on a VW T6 Transporter with a High Top. What resulted was a fantastic new concept that has now been added to the list of Autohaus Models and named the Autohaus Grandi.

Based upon the Autohaus Camelot, the layout was remodelled to incorporate the essential items.

We have a spacious and comfortable cab area, a dining area which very easily converts to a double or two single beds. A very practical kitchen area with oven/grill/hob, a sink and an excellent fridge which holds plenty. Then in the rear we have a fantastic wet room with toilet, shower and vanity style basin, which is essential if you are on small CL sites or are Rough Camping.

The couple were also very happy that the external connections for water and gas have been discreetly incorporated ensuring the campervan keeps its clean lines.

Speaking to Norman it’s clear that their dream campervan has exceeded their expectations.

Tony is a man of excellence. It is obvious he will accept nothing less than perfect, and if it’s perfect in his mind you can rest assured it will be perfect in your van. He has an amazing team of technicians and craftsmen and it is they who ultimately transform the “Transporter” into the campervan of your choice.

The unique concept has allowed Norman & Pauline to venture off the beaten track, throwing off the shackles of campsite facilities, inspiring them to find beautiful locations to camp overnight, safe in the knowledge their needs were met.

And it’s not just Norman and Pauline that are impressed with the new campervan. During a recent camping trip Norman explained that the Grandi turned more than a few heads.

We were surrounded by lots of other campervans but ours generated a lot of interest. One guy came over to have a look and spent ages chatting, to the extent I wondered if I would ever get him out of the van!

Many thanks to Tony and the team at Autohaus, Minehead for helping us realise our dream.

The team at Autohaus would like to thank Norman and Pauline for their support and kind words… and their patience while we developed the Grandi concept. It’s a great campervan and we look forward to introducing it to customers who also strive for the same freedom of wild camping.

Some Snaps Of The Grandi’s Wet-room

Here are some images taken from the inside of the campervan, showing off the wet-room in all it’s glory! If you’d like to see more great shots of this camper please visit our Campervan Gallery.

Norman’s Top Tip

Each month we will be asking you, our customers, for your advice, top tips and camping suggestions that would benefit other campervan owners. Below is Norman’s top tip.

“We’d recommend doing your research before going away for a trip so you can take advantage of the plethora of advice from other campervan enthusiasts. If you fancy a bit of rough camping there are lots of Websites and Facebook pages where you can get advice on locations for camping overnight, without having to pay campsite fees.”

History of the VW Campervan

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