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2016 RNLI Raft Race

The 2016 RNLI Raft Race In Minehead

It was a great day, the sun was shining and the sea was as calm as it has ever been over the last 9 years of entering the RNLI Minehead Raft Race. Chris decided that this year we should do something different from our sea going caravan, so it was decided to build a 10” x 10” wrestling ring.

On the morning of the RNLI Raft Race, we loaded the wrestling ring onto the back of Neil’s truck and delivered it to the beach. This is where Danny “Mexican Luchador Le Butts” performed his wrestling moves on Julian “Big Daddy’s Little Brother”, with a rugby tackle that took him out. We were unaware at the time, but this move had broken “Big Daddy’s” left wrist, but being as we don’t do sick days, he continued to row the course. Top Man!

As you can see in the photos, we made it across the Minehead waves, as did all of our competitors. We always enjoy taking part in the annually RNLI raft race and this year was no different, a great day was had by all.

We must say a big thank you to Kevin Masters, as without him we would have never built our raft in time. We’d also like to thank John Smith and Paul Burlace for capturing some great photos from the day.

Our Amazing Sponsors

A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors, who helped us “The Happy Campers” raise a fantastic total this year:


Without the donations of our generous sponsors we wouldn’t of been able to raise such an incredible total in such a short amount of time. We’re very proud of how much we raised and will be handing over the cheque later this week.

Due to raising the highest amount of money through sponsorship, which resulted us in being recognised and awarded a prize by the RNLI.

Meet The Team

Thank you to all of the team who worked incredibly hard all week and were still able to to make time to help build and crew this baby.


Chris Payne as Steve Austin Morris

Crew members:

Fred Bushel as Mexican Luchador Le Titus

Julian Oxley as Big Daddy’s Little Brother

Andy Poser as The Ref

Danny Evert as Mexican Luchador Le Butts

Adrian Brooks Bank as Million Doller Man

Neil Smith as Hulk Old Hogan

Alan North as Brett The Small Hitman Hart

Daniel Payne as Ricky Flair Or Was It Claire

Michel Jordan as Ultimate Parking Warden

Dan Molet as Randy Roddy Piper

Tony Payne as Jake Who Lost The Snake Robbers