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Autohaus Are Proud Sponsors Of South West Enduro Championship Riders

Autohaus Are Proud Sponsors of South West Enduro Championship Riders

Autohaus Factory are now sponsoring two leading riders in the South West Enduro Championship, an endurance motorbike event, where riders compete on off-road courses for 4-6 hours at a time!

Ben Dyer was just 14 months old when he received his first motorbike and began competing when he was just 15 years old and has been competing for over 22 years. He’s been leading the championship this year but is followed closely by his younger team mate, Moss Mcriner, who has been competing for only a year but already holds 3rd position.

By nature the endurance events are very strenuous and so Ben and Moss train 3-4 times a week, including cycling up to 100miles.

  • The one day events typically consist of two different races:
    Hare & Hound – riders compete to make as many laps as possible in 3 hours of a course (approx 10-12 miles).
  • Timecard Event – riders race against the clock to reach checkpoints within a define timed period. They then compete in a Special Test where riders are timed over a man-made course which may contain a range of obstacles.
South West Enduro Championship Sponsored Riders

With the help of Autohaus the guys have just taken delivery of two brand new Husqvarna TE300 motorcycles and are looking set to finish high in the rankings this year. They are also looking to compete in the Welsh and British Enduro Championships, showing there is no end to these guys strength and stamina.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Ben and Moss please get in touch – the more we can help them the more likely they are to success in the championships.

01643 703 283

We currently don’t have any footage of the guys at the South West Enduro Championship, but to see what happens at the event itself, view the video below.