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Autohaus Campervan Scales New Heights

Autohaus Campervan Scales New Heights

Whilst some may be happy to park their campervan along the coastline and enjoy the view, another of our customers prefers a somewhat more extreme holiday!

We met Greg James at the NEC in 2015 after he’d been on the hunt for a campervan for just over a year. After hearing about the quality of Autohaus conversions he decided to go ahead and place an order with us.

“To date it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought and we’ve only had it a few months, yet have had so much enjoyment from it.”

Greg can often be found taking part in a range of outdoor actives including rock climbing, trekking and mountain biking. The whole family is very ‘outdoorsy’ and they love travelling and camping with his wife and children.

The fact is though that the whole camping thing, including sleeping up mountains and on hard floors, had started to wear a little thin… especially after 20+ years of it.

Now they can experience a more comfortable way of travelling… no more air-beds for the James’ family!

“My kids are older now and we’ve enjoyed years of camp trips, in fact we’ve just came back from a long weekend in Pembrokeshire touring the stunning coast line, it was simply fantastic! Especially cooking a lovely meal from the comfort of our own camper and being able to take in the sunset from the beach where we parked!”

So why did Greg decide, after a year of research, to buy an Autohaus campervan?

“The quality of build from Autohaus is second to none, Tony and the team did a fantastic job based on my given ideas and specification.

Since meeting at the NEC last year I’ve not only purchased a campervan from Autohaus, but I also now sell and promote their conversions at our Inchcape Van Centre in Manchester.

Autohaus are a great team and me and my family are very happy with our van purchase, we would recommend Autohaus to anyone.”

History of the VW Campervan

VW T5 & T6 Campervans For Sale

If you would like an Autohaus T6 or T5 VW Campervan built like this one, or to your own specification give us a call on:

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See below a range of T5 & T6 VW Campervans for sale. We have a range of Campervan Models to choose from, simply visit our VW Campervan Gallery for inspiration.