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Autohaus Are Going Bald For Charity

Autohaus Are Going Bald For Charity

Dear friends of Autohaus…. This is really important and we need your help!

If you’ve ever visited the factory you will no doubt have met Chris, Tony’s son and workshop Manager. In November, Chris’s fiancée Eve was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the age of just 27.

Chris and Fiancée Eve

Obviously this came as an awful shock, especially for someone so young. Eve has already had two operations and fertility preservation, and is soon to begin chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy and long-term hormone treatment. Clearly this has implications on their future plans together.

Without things being difficult enough for Eve at the moment, another big factor for her is attending hospital appointments and having people stare because she’s the youngest person there. Despite breast cancer being the most common cancer in the U.K., the majority of women affected are over 50.

This means younger women receiving a diagnosis are in the minority, and so face unique challenges; having to think about treatment decisions based on research on a different age group. The Lavender Trust is currently the only charity in the U.K. that supports the needs of these younger women.

So, in order to raise awareness and support the work being done by the Lavender Trust, Eve, her family and friends, plus many of the team at Autohaus have agreed to shave their hair off! Even Neil, who’s had his beard for over 40years, will be going under the clippers!

How They Might Look!

We’ve used FaceApp to give an an artistic impression of how the team will look after their close shave!















Eve will be donating her beautiful hair to a charity who provide wigs for children, and the money she raises with her loved ones from this amazing decision will be donated to the Lavender Trust, in the hope that they can continue their research and support of young women who find themselves in this awful situation.

This is where our friends and customers come in – we know it’s January and everyone is probably feeling the effects of Christmas, but we also know that given the circumstances we’d all wish for the support of others if we found ourselves in this situation.

So please… Please… help support us in this unbelievable demonstration of human spirit and compassion…. resulting in a sudden increase in the number of bald men in Minehead!

The team at Autohaus will be having their mass-shaving at Leigh Hair on Saturday 20th from 2pm and we welcome you to come along to show your support.

How To Show Your Support

If you would like to donate to the cause, Eve has set up a fundraising page which has already smashed her initial target of £1,000 and her second target of £2,500, so please visit the page to read the full story and help her make a real difference to young women with breast cancer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message… We really are very grateful for your support.

Many thanks,
Eve, Chris… and the team at Autohaus.