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2017 VW Campervan Events & Shows

2017 VW Campervan Events & Shows

The VW Campervan community is thriving throughout the UK with events happening on most weekends. Some are large organised camping festivals; whereas others are simply like-minded V-Dubbers meeting up through Facebook groups and forums.

At Autohaus we’d like to support and share in the fun so have decided to build a VW Campervan Event Calendar, listing all the VW events happening across the UK.

Our aim is to provide a calendar that features a wide variety of VW Campervan events & shows, big and small, helping people to come together and share in their love of all things V-Dub.

You’ll be able to check each month and find out where events are taking place and find essential contact details for you to get involved.

Have a VW Event you’d like to have listed on our calendar?

Whether you are running a big VW festival, or are part of small group who meet up regularly, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit details of your events for free and we’ll promote them for you through our website and newsletter.

Simply visit the VW Campervan Events page and submit your event details using the contact form below the calendar.

Do you have any photos taken at previous VW events?

We’d like to add a gallery of images taken at various events, giving visitors a flavour of what they can expect. So if you have any photos you’d like to share, simply send them to us via email with a short caption explaining the photo:

Send your photos to:

Our Campervan Stock

See below a range of transporters that are awaiting an Autohaus conversion, as well as converted T6 & T5 VW Campervans for Sale.

Photo Banner provided by Brian Marks [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons